Receiving Support FAQs

Who is eligible for child support services?
What services are available through the local office of child support?
How do I apply for child support services?
Do I have to pay for child support services?
You do not have to pay the $15 annual collection fee if:
What information will my local office need in order to process my case?
How can I get information about my child support case?
Which office should I go to?
What happens if the other parent does not live in Maryland?
Do all states handle cases the same way?
How long does it take to establish a child support order?
How long does it take to process a case?
What if I do not know where the other parent is?
How can I obtain a court order for child support and health insurance coverage?
Can you enforce a separation agreement?
How do you determine the amount of child support to be paid?
How are child support payments disbursed?
The other parent is paid “under the table”. Can you attach that money by income withholding?
The other parent is self-employed. Can you attach those earnings?
How do I change my: name, address, telephone number, and employment information?
How can I establish paternity for my child?
Can I request genetic testing?
What if paternity for the child is denied?
Can I get retroactive child support?
How do I request an increase/decrease in my child support?
If either parent has had another child since the current child support order was entered, will this affect the amount of child support due?
The child is now living with the other parent. Do I need to notify the Child Support Administration?
I want to close my case. What should I do?
Whom do I contact if I do not receive child support payments?
What will happen if the noncustodial party just won’t pay?
Will the non-custodial party’s tax refund be intercepted?
Why are my payments splitting between my case and the non-custodial party’s second case?
How do I get someone out of jail when s/he is there for being behind in child support payments?
The non-custodial party was arrested, but has now been released. As the custodial party, how can I find out how much s/he paid and when will we go back to court?