Paying Support FAQs

Who is eligible for child support services?
How can I get information about my child support case?
Which office should I go to?
Do all states handle cases the same way?
How do you determine the amount of child support to be paid?
How are child support payments paid?
How do I change my: name, address, telephone number, and employment information?
Can I request genetic testing?
How do I make payments?
How long before my employer starts making deductions?
Where should I make my payments?
I have a new employer. How can I get my employer to withhold child support from my wages?
Can you attach my worker’s compensation, unemployment or disability checks?
How long am I obligated to pay child support?
How do I request an increase/decrease in my child support?
I lost my job (or I am earning less money). What can I do?
I have been laid off and can’t pay my court ordered child support. What can I do?
I am disabled and I can’t work now. Do I still have to pay child support?
My girlfriend/boyfriend/new spouse has a child whom I am supporting. Can I get credit for supporting that child since s/he lives in my household?
I am living with or have married someone else since my child support order was entered, or the other parent is now living with or married to someone else. Am I entitled to an increase/decrease in child support?
My child (or one of my children) turned 18. How do I get my child support order reduced or ended?
The children are now living with me. Can I get my payments stopped immediately?
Will my tax refund be intercepted?
What if I need to stop payment on a check I submitted?
I have been served with a contempt of court petition and must appear for a hearing. What should I do?
Who do I contact if I have problems with my court date?
Can the judge put me in jail if I do not pay my child support on time?
I missed my court date and a bench warrant/body attachment has been issued for my arrest. Can I just turn myself in at the Sheriff’s Office?
How do I get someone out of jail who is there for being behind in his/her child support payments?
I have never missed a payment. Why is there a warrant for my arrest?
If my support payments are coming out of my check (income withholding) I won’t have a warrant issued for me, right?
My driver’s license is suspended because I got behind on my child support payments. How do I get my license reinstated?
I gave the custodial party money last month for school clothes. Why doesn’t that count against my support?
I have a court order to make an additional monthly payment towards the arrearage and I haven’t missed a payment. Why am I receiving notices that my income tax refund will be intercepted and that I will be reported to the credit bureau?
I missed some payments and now my employer got a new wage withholding notice requiring an additional deduction from my pay for an arrears payment. How can you do this without a court order?
The custodial party does not let me see the child. Do I have to pay support?