Social Services to Adults

The Social Services to Adults (SSTA) program is the Department of Human Services’ core case management program for vulnerable adults. It builds on the strengths of the adult’s community and family support system rather than replace them. SSTA provides assistance to adults with limited capacities seeking to remain or become self-supporting and self-sufficient; it seeks to prevent abuse, neglect or exploitation; and it reduces unnecessary institutionalization or secures appropriate institutional care when necessary. This service is provided without fee by applying to the local department of social services in your county.


Services are available to adults who have functional disabilities due to advanced age (65+) without regard to income. Those adults with disabilities under age 65 may receive services provided their income does not exceed 80% of the State median income.


Participants in the SSTA program may receive the following services:

Information and Referral – this service is provided when an adult’s needs can best be met by another agency.

Crisis Intervention – this 60-day service may be provided to assist an eligible adult with a crisis or change in his/her life. The service includes intensive help and guidance.

Case Management – this service is the basic way the SSTA program helps eligible adults to continue to live full and maximally independent lives in the community, or to secure institutional care when appropriate.

Together with the adult, a Social Worker completes a comprehensive assessment of the adults needs and resources and develops an individualized plan of service.

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