Online Licensing and Monitoring Reports

The Office of Licensing and Monitoring strives to ensure that each Residential Child Care Program and Child Placement Agency complies with applicable laws and regulations. The primary responsibility of the Licensing Coordinator is to monitor the activities and compliance of these programs as they relate to the Code of Maryland Regulations. The site visit is the primary activity used for monitoring the provider for compliance with these regulations. During a two year licensing cycle, agencies are visited on a quarterly basis which includes the annual mid-licensing review and the bi-annual re-licensure. Site visits may include but are not limited to the following: a random review of personnel, client and foster parent records; inspection of the physical plant or foster home: interviews with the children, staff and foster parents. All monitoring activities do not occur at every site inspection, however, must occur at least annually. Below, monitoring reports are attached for the agencies that are licensed by The Office of Licensing and Monitoring. Those monitoring activities that are listed as (0) or NA were not completed during that quarterly inspection, however will be completed at a minimum annually.



Please see the Code of Maryland Annotated Regulations (COMAR) for more information.