Constituent Services

Who We Are

The Constituent Services Office (CSO) is a unique support and services office in the Office of the Secretary.  CSO functions as the Department of Human Services’ customer service center by providing information about programs and facilitating access to its services.  Customers communicate with office staff through a variety of methods.  These include telephone contacts, e-mails, walk-in visits, correspondence, community outreach, and referrals from other agencies and political officials.

Our Mission:

The primary mission of the Constituent Services Office is to provide a central point of contact for the citizens of Maryland to obtain information about programs and gain access to services administered by the Department of Human Services.  In addition, the office aims to address legitimate complaints regarding the delivery of departmental services.


The Constituent Services Office will present the Department of Human Services’ programs and services in an open, compassionate and customer friendly manner.  All customer inquiries, concerns and requests for assistance will be addressed promptly and courteously.  Our customers’ awareness of the programs and services available will increase through systematic education and outreach efforts.

Principles and Core Values:

The Constituent Services Office is committed to promoting the highest standards of quality, performance, and integrity in serving our customers.  We continually strive to improve our service delivery capabilities while maintaining the effectiveness and reliability of our service.