Center for Excellence in Resource Family Development (CfE)

The federal government- HHS Children’s Bureau – has awarded Maryland DHS with a four-year grant to create a Center of Excellence for Foster Family Development – the only one of this grant awarded in the country. The Center for Excellence will develop and implement a model to guide local and state partners to recruit, prepare and support new and existing resource families resulting in:

  • Improved engagement, development, and support of resource families;
  • Improved retention rates and relationships with resource families;
  • Increased number of resource families prepared to provide enhanced supports to children and their families towards reunification;
  • Development of resource families in the neighborhoods and communities children in foster care most come from;
  • Reduced inappropriate use of congregate care placements
  • Comprehensive biological family support services and timely, stable reunification; and
  • Improved permanence stability, family and community connections, and well-being outcomes for children placed with resource families in the target group.

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