Homelessness Prevention Program

The purpose of the Homelessness Prevention Program (HPP) is to assist individuals and families facing a housing crisis. Funding is available for small one-time crisis grants to keep those facing eviction, safely housed. Case management and counseling is provided to those households in need and for early intervention to prevent eviction. Grant funding is used for training clients on budgeting and other life skills, education on tenant rights and responsibilities, and mediation between landlord and tenant. The one-time direct grants are provided to landlords to prevent eviction. Qualifying households must have a lease in their name, the ability to pay rent moving forward to the Local DSS or service provider working with the DSS must determine that the family unit will be able to continue to stay in the permanent housing or move to other permanent housing through payment to or arrangement with the landlord. All policies must be applied consistently to all qualifying households and in accordance with COMAR. Clients must comply with a documented case plan.

For more information please contact your local department of social services.