Licensing and Monitoring

The Office of Licensing and Monitoring (OLM) licenses and monitors residential child care programs (RCCP) and child placement agencies (CPA) as out-of-home care providers entrusted with the safety and well-being of the children in their care.  The role of the Office of Licensing and Monitoring and the Licensing Coordinator include:

  • Providing administrative oversight to ensure accountability and compliance for meeting all licensure requirements;
  • Providing recommendations and assistance to providers to develop and implement the means to improve services and evidence based outcomes;
  • Clarifying Departmental expectations and directives; and
  • Supporting the larger mission of the Department of Human Resources

The underlying value and purpose of the role this office fulfills is to ensure the safety, security, and development of every child placed in licensed RCCP and CPA organizations.  Through the regulatory process the OLM strives to ensure that each program complies with applicable laws and regulations designed to protect children, while ensuring they have the best opportunity available to develop into productive adults.

In fulfilling this function, the OLM strives for consistency and fairness.  It is imperative that this office imposes sanctions or other “adverse” actions on programs, when necessary, in a consistent, ethical, and fair manner.