In-Home Aides Services

DHR Service: In Home Aide

This program offers aide services in the consumer’s home to provide assistance with:

  • Personal care:
    • Dressing, bathing, transferring, grooming, eating
  • Chores:
    • Cooking, laundry, light cleaning, shopping and
  • Other Activities of Daily Living:
    • Allowing an adult with a disability to remain living at home and to avoid unnecessary or premature moves to nursing homes or other out-of-home placements.

Ongoing case management to assist with planning and exploring other needed services is provided as well.


Adults aged 18 and older residing in Maryland, who have functional disabilities and need assistance with personal care, chores, and/or activities of daily living, in order to remain in their own homes. Vulnerable adults with no willing or capable caregiver available when needed, those at risk of institutional placement, and those at risk of abuse or neglect will be given preference for service, using a ranking scale.

Application Process

Individuals or their caregivers should call the local department of social services in the county or city where the applicant lives. The local department representative will arrange a home visit to conduct an interview with the applicant to determine their specific needs. The availability of funding for the program determines the number of individuals who can be served state-wide. Therefore, a ranking scale is used to ensure that those with the greatest need are served first.

Sliding Scale Fee

Depending on the income and family size of the applicant, the applicant may need to contribute toward the hourly cost of the aide service. This is determined by a sliding-scale and the fee is paid to the Department of Social Services.

Brochures & Fact Sheets

For more information, or to apply for the In-Home Aide Services program, please contact your local Department of Social Services.