In-Home Services

Consolidated In-Home Services The Social Services Administration (SSA) offers a continuum of non-entitlement service programs designed to promote the safety and well-being of children and their families; enhance a parent’s ability to create a safe and stable home environment; and maintain permanency while preserving family unity. In-Home Services programs are designed to enable a child to remain safely at home while receiving intervention services. Ensuing the safety, well-being and permanence of children is paramount to child welfare practice throughout Maryland. A child is only removed from their home environment if it is determined that the safety and well-being are compromised. A referral to Consolidated In-Home Services is based upon the safety and risk factors present in the family, as determined by standardized risk and safety instruments. Families who, after receiving an investigation or an alternative response, would continue to benefit from on-going servicers are referred to Consolidated Services. The level of service provided, the intensity of time spent with the family and the frequency of visits is determined by risk and safety factors. All services are provided in order to increase safety and stability within the family. Services to Families with Children (SFC) Services to Families with Children is another in-home service provide by the local Department of Social Services. Various agencies as well as the family, themselves, may seek this service. SFC is a short term service to assist families in identifying needs and addressing these needs either through agency or community – based services. Families are served in order to assist them and to work to eliminate future risk and safety issues.