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Maryland Young Leaders Awardee Brooke

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Maryland Young Women Leaders Honoree

Brooke Silver
12th Grade, Bethesda Chevy Chase High School, Montgomery County
Nominated by , Rona Patron, Club Advisor

Brooke Silver, the youngest of eight siblings, is a senior at Bethesda Chevy Chase High School (BCC) with a weighted grade point average of 4.89.

Whether guiding tours to welcome new families or presenting on AP curriculum to underclassmen, supporting school community is my priority. Brooke serves as an AP and Spirit Ambassador at BCC, welcoming new students and their families and initiating school-wide encompassing activities, including promoting an inclusive environment by coordinating pep rallies, fundraisers, and diversity events; garner student involvement and advocate for interests.

As Editor-in Chief for the BCC student-run newspaper, The Tattler, Brooke is passionate about student reporting and using school publications to empower student voices. Athletically, Brooke is a defender on the BCC Varsity Field Hockey Team and enjoys the camaraderie among her team-mates.

Brooke feels a strong commitment to contribution and is president of Once Upon A Prom, a social enterprise dedicated to providing free prom attire to economically disadvantaged students. Making inclusivity a primary initiative, Brooke has worked hard to make prom accessible to LGBTQ+ students. Furthering this mission, Brooke recently launched a partnership with Children’s Hospital, outfitting over 200 patients for their first prom since 1990.

Joining the Nordstrom’s Ambassador Team this year, Brooke uses social media platforms to build an inclusive digital community for young adults. Believing it is important to have a network of goal-minded women as mentors, Brooke interned at the International Women’s Forum in DC, creating content that connects women in business across 33 countries.

Working as Shiftlead at Playa Bowls, a local acai eatery, Brooke strives to ensure that each customer is treated with respect and given excellent service.

Above all, Brooke loves spending time with friends and family and is eager to begin the next learning journey of life, entering college in the fall.

“All it takes is someone. If someone…..why not me?”