Maryland Emergency Food Program (MEFP)

The Maryland Emergency Food Program (MEFP) administers annual grants to feeding organizations to purchase food to provide groceries and meals to families in need. These organizations are tax-exempt agencies and include soup kitchens, food banks, food pantries, shelters, residential treatment programs, and after-school programs. MEFP funds are allocated to all 24 jurisdictions in Maryland based on population, poverty, and unemployment. Currently, there are 104 MEFP-funded programs around the State.

Who is eligible?

MEFP does not directly provide food or access to food for individuals.
  • MEFP funds are annually granted to feeding organizations statewide that meet certain criteria and abide by MEFP guidelines.
  • Individuals who seek access to food can contact a local MEFP-funded organization:

MEFP Contact

Linda Jackson,
Department of Human Services,
311 West Saratoga St.,
Baltimore, Md. 21201,

MEFP Applications