Mobile Point of Sale Equipment Program (MPOSEP)

MPOSEP was created to provide grants to Farmers Markets and individual farmers or vendors for the purchase of mobile point of sale (mPOS) equipment to process Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) transactions. With over $1.1 Billion in food assistance issued by DHS annually, we hope that Maryland Farmers will realize improved access to the untapped market that Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) recipients represent.

MPOSEP Eligibility and Application Process

To receive an MPOSEP grant, an applicant (Market or vendor) must:

  1. Be a Farmers Market or a dedicated vendor in at least one of the Maryland Farmers Markets that meet the state definition of a farmers market and therefore are able to accept SNAP. This can be demonstrated through a Market’s inclusion in the annual Maryland Farmers Market Directory: 2018 Farmers Market Directory
  2. Complete the USDA’s eAuthentication Account Registration:
  3. Apply and become authorized to be a SNAP-authorized retailer:
  4. Provide proof of Farmers Market vendor membership(s) as well as the authorized FNS number.

    1. Proof of Farmers Market participation can be provided via executed vendor agreement for participation in a Market OR letter from the Market manager submitted to DHS.
    2. Proof of USDA authorization can be demonstrated by providing a copy of the authorization letter received from USDA FNS.
  5. For vendor applicants: Indicate vendor category and provide permits and/ or certifications for category products. Categories of Vendors include:

    1. FARMER VENDOR: sells food, plants, other agricultural products (some or all of which must be SNAP-approved).
    2. VALUE ADDED VENDOR: sells processed farm products such as canned food, baked goods, and/or pet treats (some or all of which must be SNAP-approved).
    3. PREPARED FOOD VENDOR: sells ready-to-eat food, preferably with menu items that contain ingredients sourced from farmer members (some or all of which must be SNAP-approved).
  6. Choose an mPOS device/ application (app) service. Selection guidance:
  7. Apply for an MPOSEP grant and submit all requested documentation.

Application and Guidelines