Major Accomplishments

Managed the Department’s Information and Referral operation that has handled over 2,128,000 calls, providing information, assistance and direct linkage to the Department’s programs and services, including special hotlines established to support Maryland Public Television, the Energy and Gulf War effort through the Governor’s Office, Foster Care and DHR’s African American Males project.

Received Governor’s Proclamation for National Customer Service Week 2002-2009, 2011; Governor’s Proclamation for American Indian Heritage Day, 2011; Governor’s Proclamation for the Establishment of the Elderly Abuse Prevent Hotline; Governor’s Citation for the Successful Implementation of the DHR Call Center; Governor’s Exceptional Employees Team Award; Governor’s Operation Homecoming Repatriation Award; Secretary’s Excellence In Customer Service Award; Baltimore City Mayor’s Office Certificate of Appreciation from the Office of Employment Development, Youth Services; Anne Arundel County Executive Citation saluting DHR and the Faith Community Partnership; United States Department of Commerce U.S. Census Bureau Certificate for Contributions to the Success of CENSUS 2000; Montgomery College Certificate of Appreciation for Support the Latino Business Community; Certificate of Achievement from The Living Legacy Foundation of Maryland; and Director’s Award from Social Security Administration for providing greater access to state services.

Coordinated and hosted 12 Annual Customer Service Week celebrations, including “DHR Customer Service Awards Ceremony,” recognizing state excellence in customer service; conducting customer service training and morale boasting events.

Conducted customer service training for federal, state, and city employees, using slide presentations and other aides.  Spoke before various federal, state, and local government groups on customer service issues at conferences, seminars and meetings.

Formed a partnership with HUD to develop a unified approach to delivering services to our mutual customers, which culminated in the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between Maryland Department of Human Services and the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development.  That relationship has continued to grow through serving on joint committees and participating in joint initiatives.

Partnered with Baltimore City Pubic Schools to increase awareness at various levels by reading to students, mentoring students and support staff, and providing information on Departmental programs and services, as well as voter registration, census, earned income tax credit, and children’s health care programs.

Partnered with Baltimore City Housing Authority to increase awareness, providing information on Departmental programs and services, as well as voter registration, census, earned income tax credit, and children’s health care programs.

Partnered with the Baltimore Orioles/Orioles Designated Hitters Club, to raise funds for the activities and events hosted by the Department.

Partnered with the United State Parole Office to develop a joint process for addressing parolee requests for assistance and inquiries.

Partnered with the Chimes, Inc., a multi-service organization that supports the mentally and physically disabled, to assist their customers in obtaining employment.

Partnered with FOCUS, Inc., to recruit over 100 potential students for free Information Technology Training, resulting in the placement of fifteen students.

Implemented the DHR Call Center and converted the Department’s Information and Referral function into the call center.  Implemented the DHR/CSEA Call Center and converted the customer service operation of approximately half of the local offices.  Conducted statewide information forums on call center operation.

Coordinated and hosted 6 statewide Job Fairs to provide opportunities for positive job growth and in promoting economic independence for Maryland Families.  Over 5,200 job seekers participated in the first Job Fair, which produced 215 job placements.

Coordinated the DHR Faith Inaugural Kick-Off event, which included religious organizations throughout the state of Maryland.  Prepared brochures “What Welfare Reform Means to the Faith Community of Maryland,” produced the DHR/Faith Community Partnership Need Help Flyer,” developed a “Faith Community Directory of Resources,” and produced the “DHR/Faith Video,” depicting DHR and the Faith partnership working together.

Coordinated the Department’s continuing participation in Project Garrison, Inc. “Annual Jericho Walk,” along the Garrison Boulevard corridor, and included participation of state and local officials.

Assisted several Local Departments in establishing customer service operations, including interviewing potential customer service staff members, developing standard operating procedures, brochures, pamphlets, job descriptions and conducting customer service training.

Hosted Customer Forums at Information Fairs, Festivals, Trade Shows, Shopping Malls, Conferences, Seminars, Meetings, and other public forums, including the NAACP Annual Conference, Annual Stone Soul Picnics, Child Welfare Symposiums, Hispanic Festivals, Native American Pow-Wow Festivals, Legislative Black Caucus, National Adoption Conferences, Baltimore City Detention Center Annual Information Day Extravaganzas, Maryland State Fairs, Maryland Municipal League Conference, Maryland Association of Counties Conference, Governor’s Faith Summit and various other events.

Translated brochures, newsletters, applications and other documents from English to Spanish for state and federal agencies.  There are now over 120 Spanish language documents, maintained by Constituent Services.

Assisted in the coordination of several statewide special events designed to broaden employee knowledge and boast morale, such as “DHR Call Center Celebration,” “DHR Celebrates Women,” “DHR Dress Up Day,” “DHR’s Father Day Celebration,” “Children’s Day at Work,” “Annual Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration,” “Native American Program,” “DHR’s Annual Employee Picnic,”  “DHR Quarterly Staff Meetings and Holiday Events,” the Anne Arundel County Child Support Open House Celebration,” the “Prince George’s County Child Support Open House Celebration,” and various other events.