Food Supplement Employment and Training Program (FSET)

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What Is FSET?

Maryland’s new Food Supplement Employment and Training (FSET) program connects people who receive monthly food supplement benefits (SNAP, food stamps) to job-driven training programs.

Training programs are free of cost to FSET program participants, run for an average of 12 to 16 weeks, and train participants for employment in industries that include welding, construction, machining, manufacturing, healthcare, hospitality, and more. Many FSET employment programs also offer job placement, retention and support services that help program graduates find and keep employment.

If you are interested in FSET but not currently receiving food stamps, you can apply for food stamps online by following this link. Click here to review eligibility requirements for food stamps. You may also apply in person at your local department of social services.

Why Should I Enroll?

The FSET program is a no-cost opportunity to train for an exciting career with wages that will help you support yourself and your family. FSET employment programs are experienced in helping people overcome barriers to employment, including criminal backgrounds, limited job experience, or limited ability to get to and from work. FSET can help you move beyond the issues that may have previously made it difficult to work.

Video courtesy of JOTF, just one of many FSET employment programs.

Most FSET training programs offer:

  • Hard skills training in an in-demand industry
  • Soft skills training in communication, customer service, and more
  • Job readiness
  • Job search and placement
  • Industry-recognized certifications and credentials
  • Work experience
  • Transportation
  • Referrals to other community services
  • Resolution of employment barriers, such as criminal record, legal services, or driver’s licenses
  • Access to items needed to work, such as work clothing, tools, or textbooks
  • Support from a personal career navigator and success coach

Am I Eligible?

Individuals could be eligible for FSET if they are over the age of 16, receive monthly food supplement benefits, do not receive Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), and are able to work upon completion of the program. Each FSET employment program may have its own additional eligibility requirements. Please contact the employment programs that interest you the most to find out more.


Explore the list below to find the programs that interest you, and reach out to them directly to start the enrollment process. Check back soon for additional programs.


For additional questions about the FSET programs or how to enroll, find the programs that interest you, and reach out to them directly. Or contact your local department of social services. You may also call the DHS helpline at (800) 332-6347.


The following partners have offered invaluable guidance and support in establishing Maryland’s FSET program.

  • USDA–Food and Nutrition Service
  • Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation
  • Local Departments of Social Services
  • Seattle Jobs Initiative
  • Baltimore City Mayor’s Office of Employment Development
  • Baltimore Workforce Funders Collaborative
  • Community Foundation for the National Capitol Region

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