Project Home

Project Home, also known as the C.A.R.E. (Certified Adult Residential Environment) Program is a supportive housing program for persons with mental illness or other disabilities offering an adult foster family model of care that provides a stable, family-like living arrangement in the community. Project Home provides a more home-like and less costly alternative to nursing homes, psychiatric hospitals and other institutional settings. Residents living in our program are provided with opportunities for growth, stimulation and change in the least restrictive environment. Where appropriate, clients are encouraged to develop independent living skills. Case management services are offered to our residents linking each resident with appropriate community activities and supports.


Adults age 18 or over, who have a disability and who are willing and able to live in a family setting are eligible to apply. Most residents receive financial assistance. Documentation of disability, income and functional capability will be required. Residents who take medication must be able to self-medicate or be able to learn to self-medicate with cuing and coaching.


Providers are recruited, screened and certified to open their homes and hearts to adults who can live successfully in the community with supervision and supports. In addition, our providers offer room, board, assistance with activities of daily living, recreational and social activities, medication supervision, and assistance with transportation to medical appointments. Providers must be willing to work with the local Department of Social Services case manager and the individual resident to develop and implement a treatment plan. Providers must also participate in training provided by the local Department of Social Services and demonstrate an attitude of acceptance towards others. Providers are reimbursed at set rates for room, board, supervision and assistance and must demonstrate that they have other income to meet their own needs. Please click here to view and download the Project Home brochure!