Purchase of Care

Purchase of Care Program is administered by the Office of Child Care within the Maryland State Department of Education. Program information, including basic eligibility requirements, is provided here.

Purchase of Child Care/Child Care Subsidy (POC/CCS) is available (funds permitting) to those who:

  • Apply in their local department
  • Need child care for employment, substance abuse treatment programs or other approved activities, and
  • Receive Family Investment Program (FIP) assistance, or
  • Meet POC income standards if not in receipt of FIP funds.

Priority for service is as follows:

  • TCA customers who are employed, in job training, or in school
  • Customers no longer receiving TCA due to employment
  • Income-eligible non-TCA customers who are employed, in job training, or in school
  • Primary consideration within each priority level to those families needing POC for a disabled child
  • Eligibility is re-determined within 12 months
  • Eligible customers receive a voucher from the local department to take to the child care provider of their choice
  • Providers may be regulated or informal
  • Customers are directed to the local information and referral service for assistance in finding regulated providers.

    Regulated child care includes:

    1. Family child care homes registered by the State Department of Education
    2. Child care centers licensed by the State Department of Education

    Informal child care is not regulated and includes:

    1. Adults related to the child
    2. Unrelated adults who provide care in the customer’s home
    3. Adults who provide care in their home for under 20 hours a month

The voucher indicates the:

  • Subsidy, based on the customer’s income level, paid by the local department to the provider
  • Minimum co-payment the customer must pay the provider.

For more details, go to: www.msde.maryland.gov