Violence in Relationships

February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month. Following are links to information and resources on this important topic.


Maryland Community Services Locator


Women’s Legal Rights

  • Family Law
  • Legal Rights in Marriage and Divorce
  • Derechos Juridicos en el Matrimonio y el Divorcio
  • Domestic Violence
  • Battered: What Can I Do?
  • He Sido Maltratada – Que Puedo Hacer (2006 Version)
  • Battered: What Can I Do? – Russian (2006 Version)
  • Battered: What Can I Do? – Korean (2006 Version)
  • Battered: What Can I Do? – Arabic (2006 Version)
  • Policy and Research
  • Families in Transition
  • Custody and Financial Distribution in Maryland
  • Your Money Matters — A Guide to Financial Independence for Women
  • Maryland’s Family Violence Option
  • Employment Law
  • Sex Discrimination in Employment 2008


Women’s Health Resources

Women’s History Month