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Alondra Moreno Santana
12th Grade, Easton High School, Talbot County
Nominated by Tammy Nies, School Counselor, Easton High School

Alondra Moreno Santana is a senior at Easton High School in Easton, MD. Her parents are from  a small, mountainside town in Mexico, and so she has spent her childhood immersed in Latin culture. As a Hispanic woman, she has not had many role models who look like her.  When she was younger, she believed that she couldn’t do as much as her peers, because she felt underrepresented. Now, this motivates her to hold and, more importantly, prosper in her leadership positions to be that representation for other Hispanic students, such as the younger students she teaches at Easton Elementary School, and especially her younger siblings. 

Alondra is currently ranked fourth in her class. She is taking five Advanced Placement (AP)  courses and has previously taken four AP courses prior to her senior year. She has earned all As.  She excels academically and has challenged herself more each year. When her AP BC Calculus  class would not fit in her schedule, she received special permission to have the class added as  an independent study class where she attends the class during her lunch, is provided the work, and completes it on her own. She was also awarded AP Scholars with Honors because of her amazing scores on her AP exams. 

Alondra is the Student Member of the Board of Education, and is responsible for attending their monthly meetings as the student representative. As president of the Latin Honor Society, she leads their meetings each month and helps teach elementary students Latin. She is Vice President of the Maryland Junior Classical League, winning the 3rd place in the advance certamen at their State Convention. She is also President of the National Honor Society, President of the National Art Honor Society, Co-founder of the Art Club at Easton High  School, and has been the Editor of the Yearbook Club since 10th grade. 

For community service, is a buddy for Unified Sports with the Elementary School. She helped start a tutoring program, host a charity event that raised $2000 for Johns Hopkins Children’s Center, and paint a mural for a local dentist office. Since 10th grade, she has been a member of the Ecology Club and Key Club, both which participate in community service projects such as picking up trash in the community and teaching STEM to elementary students. Alondra participated in Project Clean Stream, helping to clean local waterways. She has volunteered at the local Waterfowl Festival since 9th grade, helping in many capacities including assisting the Financial Director. She is also an intern for the Art Academy Museum and MY Tech Clinic.

“When you are able to let go of the fear of failure at last and simply ride the waves, there will be great satisfaction in singing the words ‘I did it’ ”- Alondra Moreno Santana

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