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Sponsors Page

The Maryland Commission for Women is grateful for our sponsors who believe in our mission, vision, and goals. Your generous support sustains our work as a voice for Maryland women and to improve the lives of Maryland’s women and girls.

The Foundation for the Maryland Commission for Women

The Pai Ping Foundation

For its very generous donation of funding for the scholastic awards for the Maryland Young Women Leaders honorees

Women Legislators of the Maryland General Assembly
Del. Anne Healey, President

Corinna Shen
President, The Foundation for The Maryland
Commission for Women

Eugenia Henry
Founder, Pai Ping Foundation

Much appreciation to the Maryland Department of Human Services for its continued support, especially:
Lourdes R. Padilla, Secretary
Samantha Blizzard, Acting Chief of Staff

And for the design of this website and their exceptional creative talent all year long:
Tom Nappi, Office of Communications
Donna Gardner, Office of Communications
In Park-Shin, Office of Communications
Ela Anderson, Office of Communications
Garrett Pegg, Office of Communications
Saujania Jakka, Office of Communications
Ezekiel Aina, Office of Communications

Maryland Commission for Women
51 Monroe Street, Suite 1034
Rockville, Maryland 20850