Initial Refugee Health Screening & Referral to Primary Care

Program Description

Resettlement agencies are responsible for ensuring newly arrived refugees receive an Initial Health Screening (IHS) upon arrival to the U.S. IHS appointments determine if new arrivals have medical conditions that need immediate attention. Children also receive immunizations required for school enrollment at the IHS. After the IHS, clients are referred to a primary care physician for preventive health and ongoing care.

Where can you get an IHS?

Individuals who meet eligibility requirements may visit their local Health Department and inquire about an initial IHS. For more information, contact the Center for Global Migration and Immigrant Health (CGMIH) at the Maryland Department of Health:

In the Baltimore Metropolitan Area, refugees and asylees can get IHS services at Baltimore Medical Systems (BMS):

In the Suburban Washington Area (Montgomery and Prince George’s Counties), refugees and asylees can get IHS services at CCI Health and Wellness: