How are Grants Determined?

Maryland Energy Assistance (MEAP)

The exact amount of the Maryland Energy Assistance grant you receive is based on three factors:

  1. type of fuel used
  2. household income
  3. area within the state where you live.

Your grant is sent to your heating supplier after your completed application is received, approved and processed at your local OHEP office. If heat is included in your rent payment, your landlord may agree to receive the grant on your behalf and deduct the rent payment owed by the grant amount. The grant only covers part of your heating costs. The grant is a one-time only payment per heating season.

Electric Universal Service Program (EUSP)

The Electric Universal Service bill payment assistance grant is determined by:

  1. Household income
  2. Electric use over the past 12 months.

Your grant is sent to your Electric Company.

Arrearage Retirement Assistance (ARA)

The Arrearage Retirement Assistance grant is determined by the amount of the outstanding arrearage. The maximum amount payable is $2,000 once every seven years, with certain exceptions. The arrearage grant is sent to the Electric Company. Applicants must be eligible to receive a EUSP grant in order to receive an arrearage grant.

Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP)

Applicants are automatically referred to the Weatherization Assistance Program, unless they opt out on the OHEP application. If qualified, applicants will be contacted by the WAP office prior to receiving benefits through this program.