Acceptable Documentation for Energy Assistance

Photo ID for the Applicant

  • Valid driver’s license (current or expired)
  • Out-of-State driver’s license may be accepted
  • Valid identification card issued by Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) (current or expired)
  • Employment Identification Card with picture (current or expired)
  • Valid U.S. Passport (current or expired)
  • Valid out-of-country passport with visa and valid I-94/ADIT stamp evidencing lawful admission (current or expired)
  • Valid U.S. military identification card (current or expired)
  • MTA Mobility identification card
  • Other state-issued identification card (jail/prison ids)
  • Certificate of U.S Citizenship (INS Form N-560 or N-561)
  • Valid alien registration card (I-551)
  • Valid employment authorization card (I-688 or I-688-B)
  • Valid employment authorization document (I-766)
  • Valid temporary resident card (I-688)
  • Certificate of naturalization (INS Form N-550 or N-570)
  • I-94 arrival and departure record (refugee)
  • Out-of country driver’s license (valid or expired)
  • Valid International driver’s license (current or expired)
  • Valid U.S. government driver’s license including military licenses (current or expired

For persons 25 or Younger

  • Valid school photo identification card (current or expired) from a
  • High School; or
  • College; or
  • Vocationial/technial school

Applicants Age 62 and Over or Disabled/Homebound

  • Birth Certificate or Medicaid/Medicare card
  • Any valid document that displays the applicant’s full SSN, including SVES printouts
  • Valid insurance policy document or health insurance card
  • **Another document with a photo is not required**

Proof of Residence

  • Current (not expired) Driver’s license or Photo Identification issued by the MVA
      – address on the license must be verified as the delivery address (no P.O. Boxes)
  • Current (within 12 months of application) Residential lease/rent contract
  • Current (within last 30 days) letter or rent receipt that includes ALL of the following:
      – Applicant’s Name Landlord’s Signature Dated in the last 30 days from date of application
  • Current (within program year) OHEP Landlord Agreement
  • Rent-Living Arrangements Form (OHEP form) signed by the landlord
  • Social Security benefit letter
  • Department of Social Services benefit letter or print out from CARES (if within the last 6 months)
  • Major utility bill that includes the applicant’s name and delivery address
      – e.g. electric or heating bill, cable bill, telephone bill, or major credit card bill
  • Valid Voter registration card
  • Current (within calendar year) Property tax bill or receipt
  • Printout from the Department of Assessments and Taxation website showing homeownership
  • Mortgage account statement  

Proof of all Income

Wages & Employment

Wages and employment income may be documented with:

  • Pay stubs associated with prior 30-day income.
  • Weekly earnings statements from rideshare companies or other “gig economy” work reflecting income for the past 30 days may be accepted.
  • A signed statement from the employer, on official company letterhead, showing the employee’s name, gross pay, and date income received.

Temporary Cash Assistance (TCA)

Temporary Cash Assistance (TCA) may be documented with:

  • A letter from a state agency on the company’s official letterhead showing the customer’s name, TCA benefit and the date income was received; OR
  • CARES screen printout verifying eligibility for TCA; OR
  • Bank statement clearly delineating type and amount of income
      – Deposit must be within the last 30 days

Social Security or SSI

Social Security or SSI may be documented with:

  • The latest award letter within the calendar year. If necessary, the customer may request an award letter online at
  • Bank statement from the current calendar year, since the amount received from SSA would not have changed. Bank statements must show the recipient’s name, along with the amount of the direct deposit.

Veteran’s Pension, Retirement, or Worker’s Compensation

Benefits may be documented with:

  • A signed statement on official paper showing:
    • – name of the person receiving the benefits name of the agency providing the benefits amount of money provided how often money is provided duration of benefits
  • A copy of the latest benefit check, only if it shows the gross amount and any applicable deductions.
  • Federal tax forms from the IRS showing the gross amount and any applicable deductions (e.g. taxes, medical premiums, prescription drug plans, etc.).
  • Computerized Annual Benefit Card (civil service retirement).

Wage and Unemployment Benefit Screening

Proof of Unemployment Insurance (UI) income may be documented with the following documents, provided the document displays the recipient’s personally identifying information:

  • A copy of the Determination of Monetary Eligibility Form (DHS/ESA 212)
  • Notice of Available Continued Claims with check for the prior 30-day period
  • Monthly statement or Maryland Unemployment Benefits email from Bank of America if the applicant has a debit card for unemployment benefits
  • Print out from Unemployment WEBCERT


Self employment income may be documented with:

  • Federal tax form Schedule SE, or other applicable tax schedule Income Verification of Self-Employment form
  • If you do not file taxes weekly, monthly and/or quarterly books/statements, ledgers, sales slips, cancelled checks, invoices, bank statements/deposits for the last 30 days.

Child Support or Alimony

Monies from child support or alimony may be documented with:

  • a signed statement from the person providing the money, or from the recipient, showing:
      – name and address of person giving the money to whom the money is paid for whom the money is paid telephone number of person giving the money amount of money given how often money is given
  • a copy of the legal decree that established the support or alimony payments
  • a signed statement from an attorney on an official letterhead, showing the information outlined above. Statements must cover the period of decree.
  • a printout from the online e-Child Support system at .

Rental Income

The following are acceptable documentation for verifying income received from rental properties:

  • A copy of the applicant’s last Federal Form 1040 Schedule E
  • A signed statement from the renter, roomer or boarder, showing:
    • – to whom the money is paid
      – name and address of person giving the money
      – amount of money given
      – how often the money is given
  • The statement must be dated within 30 days of the application.

Interest Received from Savings, Checking Accounts, or Bonds

Interest received from Savings, Checking Accounts, or bonds may be documented with:

  • bank or bond statement that shows interest earned within the 30-day eligibility period

Other Forms of Documentation

The forms of documentation outlined above are preferred for their clarity and reliability in verifying the period in question, i.e. 30 days preceding application date. It is recognized, however, that in some cases LAAs may find it necessary to seek other forms of documentation than those described. In such cases, the documentation presented must be in writing, dated within 30 days of the application, and record the gross amount of income received by the person named for the period in question. The documentation should be signed and dated by the income provider.

Individuals with Zero Income

Declaration of Zero Income form
must be used for any household member(s) 18 and over, who claim zero income received for the last 30-day application period.

Social Security Verification

  • Copy of the Social Security card
  • Medicare Card (given the number shown is the Applicant’s SSN)
  • Federally-issued IRS tax return documents (e.g. 1099, W-2)
  • Official letter or benefits notice with the social security number displayed. This letter must be on government letterhead.
  • I-551 (referred to as a green card or permanent resident card)
  • I-94 form
  • I-688B (Employment Authorization Card)
  • I-766 (Employment Authorization Document) annotated “A3”
  • I-571 (Refugee Travel Document)
  • A grant letter from the Asylum Office of INS
  • Form I-551 (Alien Registration Card)
  • Foreign passport containing an unexpired temporary I-551 stamp with the code CU6 or CU7
  • Approved or pending I-130 or I-360 petition
  • Stamped visa
  • T visa
  • Certification letter from the Administration for Children and Families (ACF) Office on Trafficking in Persons

Energy Bill Verification

  • Copies of your Electric and/ or heating bill