How to Apply


A Provider must have:

  1. Non-profit status (501(c) (3) as described by the IRS)
  2. Federal tax-ID number
  3. Anti-discrimination policy
  4. Agreement to abide by MEFP guidelines such as submitting requested reports and receipts
  5. Distribution of information to constituents on the earned income tax program, food stamp program, and other such benefits when information is provided by DHR
  6. Evidence of sound financial and program management
  7. Ability to distribute food for emergency need
  8. Provision of food at no charge to those in need (neither cash, nor service requirement)
  9. Clean, appropriate environment for food storage and/ or preparation
  10. Posting of hours so that people who need the food know when to come; outreach in the community to make people aware of the program
  11. Designated person to submit reports

Determining Factors

Applicants (feeding organizations) deemed eligible will receive MEFP grants based upon available funding and indicators of need such as current population size, the percentage of unemployment, and the number of individuals and families living in poverty. Funds are allocated to all 24 Maryland jurisdictions using these demographics.