Child Advocacy Center

Established in 1992, the Child Advocacy Center (CAC) is a child-friendly environment where professionals from different disciplines work together as a team to respond to reports of child sexual abuse.

CAC’s Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) consists of social workers, local law enforcement investigators, medical and mental health professionals, prosecutors and victim advocates. Children receive forensic on-site interviews, medical examinations, victim advocacy and other supportive services. This child-focused approach minimizes the number of times children must be interviewed and reduces any further trauma the children may experience.

Our Services

Help Support Our Mission

The Child Advocacy Center plays a critical role in the fight to stop child abuse in Anne Arundel County. Our trained staff are available to present the services we provide at community meetings and other forums. Please contact us to learn more.

Other ways you can help:

  • Listen to and believe a child if he/she discloses abuse and immediately call 911 and/or our hotline at 410-421-8400 for help
  • Refer children in need of treatment to us

Contact Us

We recently moved! The Child Advocacy Center is located at 8666 Veterans Highway in Millersville, MD. The entrance to the center is located on the side of the building, facing the parking lot. There are dedicated CAC visitor parking spaces for your use

Phone: 410-222-0200
Fax: 410-222-0186