How to Become a Foster Parent

The Baltimore City Department of Social Services is in need of Foster/Adoptive Resource Parents!

Children are some of the most innocent victims in Baltimore City.

All across this city, children through no fault of their own, are removed by court order from their biological parents due to child abuse, abandonment or neglect. In order to protect these children, the court commits them to Baltimore City Department of Social Services. The courts identify these most innocent victims as children in need of assistance.

How can I help a child in need of assistance?

It is the goal of Baltimore City Department of Social Services (BCDSS) to provide a safe, nurturing home for a child in need of assistance. For this reason, BCDSS is asking for loving, nurturing and responsible adults to partner with us and become approved Foster/Adoptive Resource Parents. Foster/Adoptive Resource Parents help by providing a temporary and /or permanent home for a child in need of assistance.

Who is a Foster/Adoptive Resource Parent?

A Foster/Adoptive Resource Parent is someone who is trained as both a Foster Parent and an Adoptive Parent. This specialized training enables a Foster Parent to adopt a child without having to go through more training to adopt. Although it is not mandated, many Foster Parents adopt the foster child in their home. Therefore, Foster/Adoptive Resource Parents provide a temporary and/or permanent home for children in need of assistance.

Foster parenting is not always a lifetime commitment to a child, but it is a commitment to be meaningful during a child’s lifetime.

What are the qualifications to become a Foster/Adoptive Resource Parent?

  1. You must be at least 21 years of age
  2. Able to obtain medical clearance from a health provider
  3. Married couples as well as single individuals are welcome
  4. You must be able to meet your family’s current financial obligations
  5. Both men and women can become foster/adoptive parents
  6. Your home must pass a health and fire inspection
  7. Police clearance and fingerprinting is required for everyone 18 years & older who reside in your home
  8. You need to be willing to work in the best interest of the child

How do I become a Foster/Adoptive Resource Parent?

  1. Call the Baltimore City Department of Social Services at 410-685-8231 to express your interest.
  2. Attend a 2-hour Information Meeting and have all your questions answered by the Foster/Adoptive Resource Parent Program. Click here to take a look at the Informational Handout (.pdf) given out at the meeting.
  3. Complete the Registration Form at the end of the Information Meeting and a Home Study Worker will be assigned to work with you.
  4. Attend training sessions with others who desire to become Foster/Adoptive Resource Parents. There will be interesting discussions about parenting skills, child development and other issues affecting the Foster/Adoptive Resource Parent Program.
  5. Once you have completed the Home Study requirements, your home will be approved to have children placed with your family.

Give a child a home! Call: 410-685-8231