The County Alliance Program for Employment (CAPE)

What is the County Alliance Program for Employment (CAPE)?

The County Alliance Program for Employment (CAPE) is a job-driven program geared toward non-custodial parties owing child support in Washington County. The program offers free job-training and support services to help parents overcome employment barriers and jumpstart their careers in industries that include welding, green construction, machining, healthcare, and hospitality.

Why Should I Enroll?

Participants who successfully complete CAPE program may earn forgiveness for child support arrears owed to the State of Maryland. CAPE represents a unique opportunity to obtain job-training and employment, develop financial independence, and make consistent child support payments.

Am I Eligible?

Non-custodial parties who have a child support case in Washington County. CAPE strives to assist unemployed or underemployed parents to prepare a plan of action for making their child support payments. Participants must complete an employability assessment to determine current employment status, employment-related skills, and abilities. In addition, counselors will review employment history, education, literacy levels, communication skills, and career interests.

If you’re ready for a new beginning, start the enrollment process today by viewing the contact information below. Once enrolled, parents will join a training program offered by one of our CAPE participating partners.

What Help with Employment Can I Receive?

CAPE is a no-cost opportunity to train for a career that will help you support yourself and your family. Our program partners are experienced in helping people overcome barriers to employment and building pathways to rewarding, lifelong careers. Most CAPE training programs offer:

  • Hard skills training in an in-demand industry
  • Soft skills training in communication, customer service, and more
  • Job readiness
  • Job search and placement
  • Industry-recognized certifications and credentialing
  • Work experience
  • Transportation assistance
  • Referrals to other community services
  • Resolution of barriers to employment, such as criminal record, legal services, or driver’s licenses suspension
  • Access to items needed to work, such as work clothing, tools, or textbooks
  • Support from a personal career navigator and success coach


For additional information about CAPE, please contact one of the Program Coordinators listed below: Washington County: Bobbie Nave: 301-302-2404 –