Report New Hires

Employers are required by law to report newly hired or rehired employees within 20 days. The Child Support (CSA) uses the information to identify individuals who have a child support obligation.

CSA shares the new hire information with the Department of Labor, Licensing & Regulation (DLLR), Division of Unemployment Insurance. DLLR uses the information to identify newly hired individuals who may be continuing to receive unemployment insurance benefits after beginning a new job. This practice reduces fraudulent unemployment insurance claims and helps control employers’ unemployment insurance costs. You may report your new hires electronically using the Maryland State Directory of New Hires.

Wage Withholding

Under Maryland Law employers are required on receipt of an earnings withholding order to deduct the amount of withholding from the obligor’s earnings on a regular basis and send the deducted net amount to the State Disbursement Unit within 7 days after the day on which the earnings are paid to the obligor. An employer may deduct and retain from the obligor’s wages an additional $2 for each deduction made under the earnings withholding order. An employer may not use the withholding as a basis for reprisal against the obligor, dismissal from employment, or refusal to hire or promote the obligor.

Maryland issues IWOs electronically. More information about the e-IWO program, and instructions on signing up are available on the Federal Office of Child Support website.