New Hires FAQs

What is new hire reporting and what is done with the information?
Where and how do employers send the new hire information?
What is the deadline for submitting a new hire report?
How do employers benefit from new hire reporting?
What are the penalties on employers for noncompliance with new hire reporting?
Do I need to submit a new hire report for independent contractors performing services for me?
If I lay off and then rehire an employee, or an employee returns after a leave of absence, do I need to submit another new hire report?
Is the new hire information available through quarterly wage reporting?
May an employer submit a new hire report without using an employee's Social Security number (SSN)?
May a payroll service provider who reports new hire information on behalf of several multistate employers streamline the reporting process by reporting all new hires to one state even if some of the employers do not have employees who work in the state to which the payroll service provider has chosen to report?
Must labor organizations and hiring halls report their members under the New Hire Reporting program?
Must placement agencies or temporary employment agencies that place individuals with employers report the employees as new hires?
Should we report new hires who quit before the reporting deadline?
What if my employee does not have a Social Security number (SSN)?
What is considered to be the "date of hire"?
What is the definition of "employer" for new hire reporting purposes?
Federal law states that a multistate employer may designate one state in which the employer has employees to which the employer will transmit the report. May a multistate employer designate more than one state in which to report? May a company opt to report most new hires to one central location but continue to have some local offices report to individual states?
May a state require a notification from a multistate employer as to which state the employer has chosen to report to?
If a multistate employer has chosen to report to one state, may other states in which the employer has employees require independent contractor reporting to their states?
I am a multistate employer. Do I have to report to each state in which I have employees?
May a company that "belongs" to another company with which they share a federal employer identification number (FEIN) choose to report as a multistate employer even if the rest of the "family" of companies does not?
What is a multistate employer?
Are college or university employers required to report students who may be on a work/study program at the university? What about international students on the same program?
Are employers on Native American reservations and lands subject to the new hire reporting requirements?
Are there different reporting time frames for employers that submit new hire reports electronically? What record layout should be used?
If an employee is on active military status, would the address reported be the current duty state, state of the personnel office or state of the payroll office?

May states choose to impose penalties on employers for noncompliance that exceed the amounts provided in the statute?

May states require employers to report new hires in fewer than 20 days after the date of hire?

Must an employer report a newly hired individual who is a foreign national if the employee is working in the foreign nation for an employer based in the US? If so, where should such an employee be reported?
Must an employer report an individual who is an alien working in the United States?
Must an employer submit a new hire report before the employee has a Social Security number (SSN)?
Should new hire information be reported on a person who has just been hired and is going through training or in a probationary period?
Some states require an additional data element such as an Unemployment Insurance ID number or a state Employer Identification Number (EIN) for their new hire reporting. When a new business opens and must submit all its employees for new hire, the business does not have this required data element yet. Waiting to get the number will make the reports later than 20 days after the date of hire. What should the employer do?
Withholding for income tax purposes is not required for domestic and agricultural workers until a certain monetary threshold is met. Does this mean that a new hire report is not required until the monetary threshold is met?

What are acceptable means by which an employer can report magnetically or electronically?
What are the exact time frames that the State Directory of New Hires (SDNH) must meet for entering and processing new hire data?

What if I, as an employer, have more questions?
What information must be reported and what form should I use for my new hire reports?
Why have a National Directory of New Hires (NDNH)?
Will the IV-D agency be required to send a disclosure notice to employers to let them know the uses of the information they are providing?
When a company merges with another company, forming a new company with a new name and a new Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN), is new hire reporting necessary for the merged company's employees?

Where can I find the state agency telephone or fax number to submit my new hire reports?