Parents as Partners Program

What is the Parents as Partners Program?

The Parents as Partners Program is a family-focused initiative developed by the Caroline County Department of Social Services. It empowers participants to be financially, emotionally and physically supportive of their families. The overall goals of the program are to:

  • Increase parental involvement and nurturing of mothers and fathers through relationship and parental skill development and mediation;
  • Assist with barriers to financial and emotional responsibility through job readiness, employment development, and life skills counseling; and
  • Promote and increase the payment of child support through job placement and retention assistance.

Why Should I Enroll?

This program helps non-custodial parties develop skills to transition successfully into employment, create greater financial stability for their children, and improve their relationships with custodial parties or guardians to foster a greater sense of community within the family.

Am I Eligible?

Parents who have a Caroline County child support case, are unemployed or underemployed, and can commit to working upon program completion are eligible for the Parents as Partners program.

What Type of Training Does the Program Provide?

It is a no-cost opportunity to support parents seeking to improve their professional skills and cultivate better relationships with their co-parents and children. Our program partners are experienced in helping people overcome barriers to employment and building pathways to rewarding and lifelong careers.


For additional questions about Parents as Partners, contact the Program Coordinator: Loge Knight: 410-819-4593 –, or call DHS’s helpline at (800) 332-6347.


The Caroline County Department of Social Services thanks local staffing agencies and volunteers for making Parents as Partners a successful and transformative program. Parents as Partners has developed partnerships with local staffing agencies. As a result, Recruiters from those agencies can develop a positive plan of action to help non-custodial fathers improve their prospects for employment at the courthouse following a child support hearing.

Recently, Parents as Partners launched a new initiative to hold support meeting for young fathers at local barbershops. Meeting topics include child support, financial modifications, employment opportunities, mental health, and domestic relationships.

In December 2013, the Parents as Partners Program and D.A.D Support Group received an award at the Maryland Association of Social Service Board 2013 Annual Fall Event. In October 2013, Parents as Partners Case Manager Anthony Dickerson was awarded the DHR Customer Service Excellence Award for Caroline County Department of Social Services.